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Phone Equipment

VoIP Desk Phones, Analog Adapters, & More

TxTelCo offers the latest in VoIP technology.  Our desk phones and equipment are designed specifically to help you be more productive and connect with your customers faster.  From budget desk phones to full featured color displays, there’s no need to look any where else for your phone equipment needs.

Phone Equipment Tailored For You

It all starts with a powerful VoIP dedicated server resides in your place of business.  Each server computer is retrofitted specifically for your businesses’ needs.  Whether you require a small number of phones, or you’re running a full call center; we’ll make sure that your VoIP server gets the proper resources to run smoothly.  

In regards to actual desk phone equipment, we provide our customers with a variety of options to choose from.  Your choices range from budget desk phones to executive level phones with color displays and customizable digital extensions.  Not only can you choose to use TxTelCo approved phones, but you also have the choice to use your existing IP phones if needed.  Only have analog phones?  No problem, we also offer an adapter that converts your analog phone to a VoIP phone. 

In any case, we’ll work with you closely to find the best phone equipment suited for your business.  

Check out our online store to view more details about our phone equipment.


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